Communication stations

The IP Coastal Call Station LT100 enables communicating over the maritime radio (VHF).Read more


The space-saving IP Speaker LA140 reproduces radio communication in control centers with best intelligibility.Read more
The wide-designed footswitch LE220 is ideally suitable for radio and control centers.Read more
We are all communicating. Every time, everywhere. And our messages reach their destination – 24/7, whether it is an E-Mail, a radio call, or data transfer. To maintain this, we enable professional communication with modern technologies. Read more
Things are changing faster than ever before. Networks connect, become bigger, faster and are more difficult to understand. We keep an overview and bring you up-to-date.Read more
A burglary, the loss of highly sensitive data, or the spying on secret information throws you off the track. A comprehensive protection is essential. Be safe with our security solutions.Read more