Project management

A project is unique and its success is an essential factor. Plan with us your goals, your organizational structure and aspects of time, costs and resources.

We support you with project management, product controlling, project economy and the organization of commissioning. Benefit from our interdisciplinary skills to pursue your project goals, to coordinate project resources, to take decisions and to assume responsibility.

Find the right solution for your project:

Definition of the project order, its contents and scopes
Preparation of a project management plan
Controlling and monitoring of performance and operations
Change tracking and project completion

We coordinate different project management processes. First we identify, define and combine the process groups and secondly, execute the project with the implementation of an integrated change control.

Planning of project contents and scopes
Preparation of a project structure plan
Verification of contents and scopes
Controlling of contents and scopes

With content- and scope management, we ensure that your project has what it takes to be successful. The efficiency of a project is less the result of the maximum utilization of your resources than of well balanced workload.

Definition of processes, determination of operation sequences
Estimation of resources and the duration of each process
Developing and controlling the timetable

Time is money. Therefore an in time project close-out essential.

Determination, planning and controlling of costs
Proactive cost control

Escalating project costs endanger the success of every project. With a precise cost management we ensure that you reach your budget targets. This includes cost planning, monitoring of cost developments and cost control.

Preparation of a quality management plan
Implementation of quality control and assurance

We want to increase the reliability of your project processes and your product and service quality. Quality planning, assurance and controlling are main factors of a project.

Risk identification and analysis
Integrated risk assessment
Monitoring and controlling of risks

Planning, identification, monitoring and tracking of risks is the basis for safe and well structured projects. For you we play it safe.

Planning of purchase and procurement processes
Coordination of procurement and contract processing
Operational and administrative supplier management

We support your procurement management and assist you through on time procurement processes, supplier inquiries, supplier selection and contract processing.

Planning and implementation of purchase and order processes
Processing in
gaeb data exchange XML
Support of tendering processes
Verification and controlling of ordering processes
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