VoIP dial-up equipment for PA systems

The 19“ LI140 connects telephones with a PA system. It can be used for industrial applications as well as in the traffic and transportation sector. The VoIP dial-up equipment for PA Systems can be used with a business telephone system with SIP-protocol. The LI140 delivers speech between a telephone and a PA system and automatically answers incoming calls.

A configurable password protects the PA system against unauthorized access. It has to be entered before accessing the system.

Once the user correctly entered the password over the telephone keypad, it is possible to select speakers and use different line arrays. Thereby, several different lines can be used simultaneously. The person calling always ends a call.

Through the serial RS-232 Interface the settings of the LI140 can be changed.

The system uses a voltage of 24V DC.

Choose between the following options:

direct dial of PA system lines
direct dial of PA system speakers

Technical data

Operating voltage 24V; PoE at VoIP on request
Power consumption 800 mA
Operating temperature range 0°C … +50°C
Insulation resistance 5KV AC
Power consumption 4 W
Peak load 1.5 A for 100 ms
Connection 96 pole DIN 41612 bar
Programming interface Ethernet seriell
Dimensions (HxWxD) 130x40x170 mm
Network connection RJ 45 10/100 MBit
Audio connection 4-wire 600 Ohm 0dB
Line connections 2×2 (open Collector), each rated at 50 V / 550 mA
Processor ARM-Cortex-A53
Operating system Linux
VoIP Protokoll SIP (RFC3261)
Audiocodec G.711 a-Law
Audio bandwidth 3.4 kHz
EU-Directives 2001/95/EC, 2011/65/EU
Subject to technical modifications
Option: with our backplane, you can also use the LI140 in racks with 19-inch modules.
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