Uninterruptible power supply

LP210 with LB220/230 and LP111 with 17Ah battery

Our 19-inch power supplies LP111, LP210 and the battery LB220 guarantee a reliable operation of communication Systems. They ensure through the connected batteries a 24/7 emergency power supply.

The LP111 is an uninterruptible stationary DC power supply with an integrated battery. The LP210 can be connected with our different, highly efficient batteries and ensures, for example in combination with the battery LB220, an uninterruptible power supply. Integrated in a 19-inch rack, they efficiently provide power for different
communication systems.

All Systems have two separate outputs with uninterruptible supply power to connected components. The LP210 has an additional connection for an external battery (e.g. LB220). In case of power loss, the integrated or connected battery guarantees a steady power supply for all connected components. The power supplies are protected against
impulse and over voltage, shorts circuits and overcurrent.

The charge processes of the systems ensure an optimal operation of the battery. The charging voltages are adapted to the recommendation of the battery supplier and the maximum capacity of the batteries is maintained by automatically switching-off the charger at the end of the charge cycle.

The 3 ports for real time monitoring of the system parameters are at a floating potential.
The contacts transmit the following states:

Mains error: There is no voltage
Rectifier error: The mains fuse is missing or blown. The rectifier is broken.
Battery error: There is no battery or the voltage is too low.

Technical data

Operating temperature
@ 75% capacity utilization
@ 100% capacity utilization

-5°C to +50°C
-5°C to +40°C
Storage temperature -15°C to +40°C
Relative humidity

10% – 95%, non-condensing
20% – 95%, non-condensing
Dimensions (WxHxD) 483 x 89 x 289 mm (19“ 2 RU; 229 mm depth optional)

10 kg
3.7 kg
Voltage 98 – 264 V
Frequency 45 – 65 Hz
Power 150/300 W
Net consumption @ 195 V 1/2 A
Efficiency @ 20% capacity utilization 75-84%
Efficiency @ nominal load 84-90%
Nominal voltage 12 V
Open-circuit voltage (U0) 13.6 +/- 0.5% set on half load and 25°C
Adjustment range 12 – 14 V (using mains supply)
Current limit charger 12/24 A to 12/24 A +15%
Voltage 12 V

17 Ah
17/34 Ah (depending on configuration)
EU Directives 2011/65/EU, 2012/19/EU, 2001/95/EC
Subject to technical modifications
Option: enhance the performance with a redundant version including two power supplies.


Power supplies incl. battery: 12V with 150 and


Power supplies: 12V with 75, 150 and 300W /

24V with 300 and 600 W / 48V with 600W

Batteries: 17, 34 and 40 Ah
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